“I like to display my erotic fiction…”

In this week's episode: Stephen regales the new activity he has taken to doing whilst on the toilet, along with revealing how he secretly harbours some goth like tendencies.

Ryan excitedly tells of his newfound love for the Ugandan coffee bean and shows he is still a bit sore over something mean Paul said to him in Las Vegas 5 years ago.

Producer Paul returns and fulfils his original role researching info on the Ozzy Osborne bat bite and answers what exactly is an earwig.

In this week's feature, Stephen test the team's knowledge on all things musical theatre in a feature named after the RENT classic, 'Stephen's of Love.'

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About the show:

Dodging Death is an improvised weekly comedy podcast, hosted by Stephen Williams Jr and Ryan Paton. Join them for an hour of generally uninformed, irrelevant chat - where they discuss topics such as being an accidental Peeping Tom, sleeping in the same room as Mother Teresa, and getting shouted at by Santa.

Stephen is an openly gay, cruise ship magician - and is proud to be at the front of that much underrepresented part of society. He is often heard regaling anecdotes such as how he found himself as a performer on a swingers cruise, his lowest life moment being with Paul Daniel's son at a patisserie in Brazil, and how he tried to blend in at an Australian dive bar. In hindsight, the floral shirt and exposed ankles were a mistake.

Ryan has been Stephen's best friend since they first met at 11 years old and shared a communal love for the anecdote. He is the marketing manager for an afternoon tea company, is yet to attend a none catastrophic yoga class, and once got heckled by an eleven year old for being too scared to go on a water slide. He's also openly hetero, although his constant praise of ABBA could lead you to believe otherwise.

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